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Brewing is our life and beer is our water. See our limited-run special beers below
  • JAN – MAR
  • APR – JUN
  • JUL – SEP
  • OCT – DEC


JANUARY | This action packed low ABV pale ale is the second instalment from our ongoing retro gaming series. Frighteningly refreshing packed with an array of hops to create a bold citrus flavour with background notes of pineapple and mango

Vincent Black Lightning 4.8%

JANUARY | A dark continental style ale, brewed with 6 different malts, late hopped with European and New Zealand hops and fermented with a specially selected continental yeast.

Night Rider 4.5%

FEBRUARY | A black beer dark as the night brewed with a trio of roasted malts giving hints of coffee, chocolate and caramel. Fruity notes are gained from a brace of US hops. A complex full-bodied beer with a satisfying finish

Licensed to Chill 4%

FEBRUARY | This action packed clandestine golden bitter brewed with the finest English malts lends itself to a smooth character. A blend of British and Slovenian hops give it a fruity essence with hints of citrus.

Another Fine Mess 4%

MARCH | A rich malty porter, brewed with the finest ale malt and a blend of four different roasted malts complimented with the sweet creamy taste of vanilla

Sonic Non Youth 5.2%

MARCH | Whilst sonic has been saving the world we have been perfecting our beers all this has culminated in a refreshing pale ale so amazing it will put you into a spin. Clean & fresh on the palate, with a hint of citrus

Dead or Alive 4.2%

APRIL | The return of this long lost traveller from the archives of 2007. A pale beer Back from the dead packing a spicy and fruity character with hints of grapefruit

Double Dragon 5.2%

APRIL | A rarity of a beer in the uk made with a special blend of malts for a very pale colour and light refreshing flavour with a light and fruity pallet with hints of grapefruit whilst retaining a refreshing creamy finish

Steel Rider 5.4%

MAY | A full flavoured IPA Dry hopped for a thunderous aroma hammered home with a massive juicy pallet, all the way from Valhalla

Night Shift 4.6%

MAY | Perfect for the dark nights. Made with a blend of dark malts to for hints of toffee and chocolate and late added ground coffee for that hit to keep you going

King Of Casks 5%

JUNE | A lightly hopped brown ale with enough body to bring out your inner monkey. Prepare to hurl those empty casks away once the punters get primal for this rowdy beast of a pint!

Ab Fab 3.8%

JUNE | A session ale, packed with American hops to give a zesty citrus aroma and a crispy dry finnish. Be the envy of the fashionista down the local with this outrageous ale

Golden Axe 4.2%

JULY | A full bodied golden ale, it’s slight sweetness is balanced with a pleasant bitterness from the Columbus hops and an aroma of tropical fruits is derived from the late addition of a blend of New Zealand and American hops

Kelham Islander Strawberry 4%

JULY | The return of a favourite blonde with the addition of strawberry. This refreshingly smooth session pale is crisp and fruity and will wash over your palate like a force of nature

Pint Break 5%

AUGUST | A blonde fermented with Lager yeasts for a sparkling crisp taste with a fresh hop palate from a brace of US hops. The perfect ale for car chases, sky dives or a blaze of glory on the ultimate wave

White Rider Cherry 4.8%

AUGUST | An American style wheat beer with the addition of the dark cherry it has a smooth mouthfeel and is tangy with a sweet aroma and a sumptuous head. A KIB classic returns with a crimson vengeance!

I Tried So Hard 4.8%

SEPTEMBER | A clean refreshing blonde ale, with a smooth slightly dry flavour, a blend of Slovenian and U.S. hops give this beer a vibrant, zesty citrus character

Rampant Ale 5.8%

SEPTEMBER | An explosion of fruit characters from the trio of battling late added US hops combined with a high ABV from a behemoth of a malt base for added punch! Not to be drunk whilst scaling tall buildings or during a monster dust up

Altered Beer 4.4%

OCTOBER | An oatmeal stout made with select blend of roast malts and oats for a dark colour and hints of caramel and biscuit with the added blueberries for a fresh fruity flavour

IPA Of The Dead 5.9%

OCTOBER | An IPA to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead, a lively blend of both old and new world hops gives you a fresh tangy aroma of citrus fruits and a pleasantly bittered palate. A beer that’s definitely full bodied

Chasing Casks 4.1%

NOVEMBER | An Irish style stout, with a burnt, roast aroma , with a hint of coffee. The silky smooth mouthfeel gives way to a clean, refreshing slightly dry flavour

I’m On Fire 4.6%

NOVEMBER | A pale ale brewed with an addition of rye malt to give a crisp dry finish to this beer. This beer is brewed entirely with Slovenian hops to bring you a floral aroma with hints of citrus fruits

Drinking In The Air 4.1%

DECEMBER | A full bodied malty pale ale, crammed with a blend of Us and New Zealand hops to give a floral and fruity character. A beer to melt the heart of any snowman

Conkers Hazelnut Stout 4.5%

DECEMBER | This sumptuous beer has the aroma of hazelnuts and dark chocolate and,the taste of slightly roasted light coffee laden with chocolate And nuts and a hint of vanilla and coconut




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