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  • JAN – MAR
  • APR – JUN
  • JUL – SEP
  • OCT – DEC

Crimson Chaos 4.8%

JANUARY | A full bodied American red ale made with a blend of malts for a beautiful copper red hue and hints of toffee and caramel, combined with a brace of US hops in both the kettle and dry hopped for a fresh fruity blast.

Gauntlet 4.2%

JANUARY | Welcome in the new year with something completely new from us. Pale malt and a select single US hop combine to create the perfect base for the zest and fruit of fresh grapefruit and blood orange, giving the beer an intense tropical hit and a hazy pale colour.

Bête Noire 5.5%

FEBRUARY | A behemoth stout brewed with a trio of roasted malts to give an aroma of sumptuous dark chocolate with a sweet satisfying palate and silky-smooth finish.

Liquid Weapon 5%

FEBRUARY | A Golden Ale Brewed with pale and lightly toasted malts for a golden finish with just a hint of caramel. The blend of American hops give a balance of bitter and fruity flavours with hints of pine below the surface.

Vanilla Thriller 4%

MARCH | This rich stout packs a punch, with a combination of four different malts to create complex dark roasty palate balanced by the sweetness of vanilla.

Sonic Non Youth 5%

MARCH | A refreshing crisp ale so amazing it will put you in a spin. Clean and Fresh on the palate, with a hint of citrus and a dry finish.

Risen Rider 6.2%

APRIL | A robust stout blended from dark malts that give rise to a classical burnt and roasted aroma with caramel flavours coming through from the malts and a little something later on for a bold yet sweet finish.

Operation Wolf 3.8%

APRIL | A pale amber hue forged from a combination of pale and Vienna malts for a sweet and malty finish. Offset by a light hop bittering whilst pine, floral and fruity notes compliment the late addition of honey for an added sweetness.

Hop Persuit 5%

MAY | Take a ride on a wave of hop flavours with this American Amber ale. A light bittering makes way for a quad of select us hops a bright fruity citrus flavour finish.

Wild Rider 5.5%

MAY | A strong full flavoured IPA brewed with a renegade band of hops from around the world for a massive explosive hop aroma. Wickedly juicy, mouth-watering and satisfyingly aromatic.

Justice Rider 3.8%

JUNE | A hard-hitting session pale delivers some old school floral and citric flavours from a brace of Slovenian & American hops combined with the light malt characteristic deliver a sentence of an easy drinking session ale.

Heart Shaped Beer 4.5%

JUNE | An easy drinking summer ale. A light malt base with a just a hint of caramel to warm it up combined with a blend of us hops. For a floral and refreshingly fruity finish with the added juice of pink grapefruit.

Streets of Barley 4.2%

JULY | A highly refreshing golden ale with a crisp clean malty flavour enhanced by a brace of US hops that walks the road between malt and hop flavours with a clean balanced finish.

Hot Tropic 5%

JULY | Palm trees, sunshine, drinks in coconut shells? All things we don’t have in Sheffield but that does not stop us brewing up a big tropical IPA perfect for relaxing summer evenings or any other time you fancy a big hit of a tropical fruits.

Overseer 5%

AUGUST | An IPA combining a trio of us hops in the kettle and ever greater volumes dry hopped for an even more powerful hop kick and flavour. And if that wasn’t enough, we have left the beer unfined and unfiltered to help retain the big hop flavour so whilst the beer will be hazy the flavour and hop character won’t be.

Olympic Islander 4.0%

AUGUST | We took our classic single hop islander and gave it a worldly twist to coincide with the 2020 Olympic games we took a selection of 5 hops from around the world for a beer with a balanced malt base combined with a blend of hops for a fruity floral finish.

War Rider 5.8%

SEPTEMBER | A ramped-up version of our award-winning pale rider, we took the standard 5.2% abv and jumped it up to a massive 5.8%. Next, we tweaked the hop pallet to match the increased abv. Big blackcurrant, grape fruit and floral flavours with a spicy edge will make this a beer to go down in history.

Dream Stampede 4%

SEPTEMBER | Float along in a light dream state with our dream stampede. An American style cream ale. A beer for all occasions, easy drinking and sessionable with a light hop finish with hints of lime and tangerine.

Wicked Liquid 4.8%

OCTOBER | A full-bodied IPA, with a pleasant malty flavour and packed with hops from around the world to give a wicked fruity aroma, with hints of herbs and spices.

IPA Of The Dead 5.9%

OCTOBER | An IPA to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead, a lively blend of both old and new world hops gives you a fresh tangy aroma of citrus fruits and a pleasantly bittered palate. A beer that’s definitely full bodied

Hidden Tiger 6.3%

NOVEMBER | An oriental styled single hop beer brewed with a blend of malts and red rice for a pale red colour and a sweet crisp finish with light fruity overtones behind which the hidden power of this high abv beer crouches waiting.

First Beer 4.4%

NOVEMBER | A nice warming golden ale for the winter months. A blend of pale and crystal malts give a good autumnal golden colour. Blended with a trio of English and Slovenian hops for a palate of warm spicy earthly flavours with very subtle hints of honey and lemon.

Conkers 4.5%

DECEMBER | This sumptuous beer has the aroma of hazelnuts and dark chocolate. It holds the taste of slightly roasted light coffee laden with chocolate and nuts with a hint of vanilla and coconut. Not recommended for naughty squirrels.

A Christmas Barrel 5.4%

DECEMBER | A big pale ale with a twist for the colder times. The normal bright floral flavours of our award-winning pale ales are replaced with warmer spicier more winter friendly tones. So, expect hints of orange, pine, plum hidden in there.





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